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DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download Guitar Book Pat Martino Linear Expressions Free in pdf format. Guitar Book Pat Martino Linear Expressions looking for a book by Pat Martino LINEAR EXPRESSIONS - REH BOOK in pdf format. Our next issue is connecting the different floors of the house. br>br>In this lesson Ill show you how to find ways to move through the various floors in descent.

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Pat Martino - Linear Expressions - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Guitar Book Pat Martino Linear Expressions - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. The best book of pat martino (for me). Because it´s not just. (guitar book) pat martino - linear expressions. Emiliano Martín Vega. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by .

So i guess this special form of steps will fit by using minor subs on II-V-I-changes. Im a bit afraid whether it's worth to spend so much time and energie. What is the miracle of the intervallic structure of the B line studies? Join Date Jun Posts 1, I worked from that book a long time ago and still recall those lines.

Ignorance is agony.


Hey Kris, thanx for your encouraging thoughts. Now that i'm 56 years old, i've learned that things don't come easy and fast. I'm playing guitar since i was 12 and i'm trying to learn to play jazz on it since First chord-scale-stuff and since i was online-student of Jimmy Bruno.

Expressions pdf pat martino linear

The minor substitutions are another interesting concept that will take minimum another years to bring some benefit to my playing. The sound and the flow of Mr. Martino's linestudies are very motivating and so beautiful. Keep on playing and take care of your balls, Tom.

Linear Expressions: Descent: Demonstration - Pat Martino - Guitar Lesson - TrueFire

Originally Posted by AlsoRan. Jazztom, I think you were responding to whisky He or she was the one referring to the body parts in your lower extremities, not Kris. No offence meant, Kris. Yeas, i'll be going to all 10 line studies and it will take a while. Maybe month. It's like learning a new language. And they sound really very fine. So it's great fun to learn them. There are many aha moments similar to the time i was practising a dorian, myxolidien scale the first time 12 years ago.

It's the mix of chromatics, arps and all the different minor modes thats so fascinating, motivating. But the mean thing will be to interpretate and not to copy. And to transport the stuff into our improvisation-vocabulary. We will see.

Guitar Book Pat Martino Linear Expressions

Cheers, Tom. I got the book about three weeks ago and have been really impressed by it. The way Pat talks about music, as well as his astounding playing is so endearing. I've just about got the 5 activities under my fingers and am beginning to transpose them into a few keys, some being more obvious than others.

I think this will be a ongoing process, with regards to seeing the fretboard in that way though and a long time before I'm comfortable to improvise with it. But, thats why I got the book. Join Date Jun Posts I memorised all these lines about ten years ago, it really helped my alternate picking, still use these in my playing.

What seemed to happen at first was I would be playing over a standard then suddenly the martino line would JUMP out, and although sound hip it was incongruous to what I was capable of at that time. As years went by for some reason all the lines stuck with me and as my playing improved the lines sort of "melted" into my playing and no longer jumped out as "insert martino line 1a here" Testament to the strength of the lines that so many people remember them.

Great lines Ofcourse you can use also a parts of lines For me it is just minor thinking over any chords I use minor lines over major chords. I practised lines over 9 years I play faster and faster every year I do not worry somebody play them. Be creative.

Join Date Apr Posts 3, What will the course achieve that transcribing a few solos from Martino's early albums won't? Just wondering Originally Posted by princeplanet.

Just in case you were not aware, Pat Martino has a book that contains around 15 long lines.

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The book has the lines tabbed out and also the chords over which each line is played are written. It comes with a CD and he plays them at a high tempo and at a lower tempo. If you like learning Pat's lines, this little book might be of interest to you.

Expressions pdf martino linear pat

Has anyone here worked with this book? I wonder if the lines are similar to those in "Linear Expressions. I worked with this book. Great staff! II V I hot lines , some turnarounds and progressions. Art has many social problems. One of the greatest is that all successful artists have become successft! But unfortunately, the industry of recorded music in most case: It's through this that success has nothing to do with expression un less of course, we as artists no longer seek that success from the industry itself but gain it through privatel sharing with the public itself, because ifthe true artist chooses to do this rather than the other, in many cas the industry itself shall now come to seek the artist because through sharing with all, that artist shall now car Jess about seeking the industry and will no longer have to wait his or her life trying to reach or retain success.

Pat Martino - Linear Expressions

Its now the true art that shall emerge for both the public and industry. Luis Andres Bilbao Becerra. Dave Nolan. Luca Tedone. John Martino.

Martino linear pdf pat expressions

Ido Peretz.