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The Sexual Key unlocks the unconscious structure of female emotion, so you can arouse and seduce women with words alone, in minutes without having to be. Advanced and Supplemental Materials. Here you can learn about our advanced Sexual Key videos, as well as some of our other products. The videos assume. You can help me test this one, called the Sexual Key. The author gave me a PDF format sample that I can give out to you folks for your.

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SEXUAL. KEY: How to Use the Structure of Female. Emotion to Arouse a Woman in This book is about how female sexual arousal works, and how you. Author: Jd Fuentes; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: Kb; Downloaded: times; Jd Fuentes - The Sexual Key V1 (copyrighted book, review only). Sexual Key by JD fuentes. hey guys what's up? I searched the forum and didn't get to much of a review about this ebook, I just found a few.

I for one have never read any book similar to this one, but I must admit it did peak my curiosity. Sexual Key Dating Coach: It's like humming, like a lullaby, like a massage. A fast running time plus tons of info means you can practice easily and learn quickly. Customer reviews.

Sexual Key by JD fuentes. Results 1 to 3 of 3. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Jul Gender: Posts Sexual Key by JD fuentes hey guys what's up?

I searched the forum and didn't get to much of a review about this ebook, I just found a few posts where some people talked about it saying it was kinda like SS. Can anybody say they've read this and got good results? Join Date Dec Gender: Just listened to the audio about 3 weeks ago. Even though I hate his voice and the way he talks all creepy and SS'ish on the audio he has some good tactics.

View Full Profile: Best quote from a workshop review ever " Overall this bootcamp was a short colombian 10, his teaching ability is a 10, and his game is a There comes a point in everyone's life where they either have their dreams or the reasons they dont.

You're the hero of your own story Join Date Sep Gender: Age 37 Posts See you CJ [ February 17, Message edited by: CJ01 ]. If I were you Bruce, I wouldnt risk my good name by starting to sell this kind of stuff. But I think It sounds interesting because he put down the research on the brain scans I would like the info on the article to read it thoroughly and straight from the journal That would make the paper more credible too. I was very skeptical of pheromones -- or that I would get any product that actually had them in the product.

Sexual key pdf the

I think selling anything other than pheros undermines this crebility, and when you start getting into NLP and potentially misogynist books, it really undermines things. Start up a new site and sell it there instead!

Pdf the sexual key

Scientist ]. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. Both positive and negative are crucial to making a rational decision about materials like this. Keep it coming though.

CJ, do you think you can find that? Other than that, the only ethical problems I can see are: The procedure described in this book may not work. Any other specific problems? Unless of course it is just a bunch of BS. That is the big question in my mind now I have been hit on by total strangers in this way a number of times and a few of them will live on in my memory for the rest of my life probably.

The best one was the time an absolutely gorgeous saleslady at my neighborhood gym tried to seduce me into signing up for a lifetime membership. But each and everytime she dropped one of her little subconscious bombs on me, I would immediately counter by responding directly to the hidden suggestion with things like: One time she dropped her head to the desk and laughed until she started to cry a little.

Then when I finally earned my free day pass to the gym she followed my around chatting like a little kid ignoring one after the other of all the big brusers who were hitting on her. No way. Somebody taught her that you can slip your prey a couple caps of psychic yohimbe and he will sign anything you put in front of him. Ok careful line to follow but when it comes to sex its a fair bit of manipulation because naturally most women are very guarded about who they bed with call it genetic selection and for guys its all about convincing a woman to go that step further than LJBF so to speak but women do the same to men by making them earn more money work out dress better use pheros to be the best catch then relationship marriage being faithful although the same cant always be said for the reverse so i think that general NLP knowledge is essential to have the edge over others this stuff can be found all over anyway and pheromones are pretty much the same thing, as far as sellign the stuff well i would say go with it maybe make it available within the forum club only to limit exposure at least till it proves to be a negative or positive thing and then if it works you could bring it into the main site.

Just a couple of intermediate ideas to play with and marketing exposure, the main thrust of the site is always pheros but branching out into related things is always benefical. And its only in conjuction with other products anway. Any more comments? Ive got an idea love the new SOE i finally got works great hey folks forget alltogher about large amounts of none just go with the nol and rone because once the fems are relaxed and talking to you you can make the sexual moves and im sure most women would be happy to sleep with someone they trust right thats how it happens a lot of the time they learn to trust you then it goes to the next level sooner or later sometimes.

Anyone else lol. View Profile View Forum Posts. Usually somebody with above average wit. Up to and possibly including the specific targeting of males who hold women in very low esteem and whose fascination with these courses stems from a desire to dominate or even harm women.

Either it requires a lot of skill to use effectively, or worse, is just a bunch of nonsense. All women use this idea when communicating with men thats why they might be so against it. Because it can be found elsewhere on the web anyway mostly pay sites and those sites are discussed here anyway so you may as well make some more direct money instead of it going elsewhere nufornatley their are not many more women members here at the moment. The great thing about this forum? You get to see the most tortured rationalizations and moralizing this side of prison.

Sexual Key – Speed Seduction On Steroids Reviews

But to answer the question posed first: Sell the e-book. I like the e-book format and have bought them for unrelated subjects.

Sexual pdf the key

How is that so morally superior to reading about conversation techniques that appeal to women?? All us phero users are much sneakier than that! Love is war, and you must fight to win this competition or you will be removed from the gene pool. Don't buy her jewelry to give her a feeling - just give her the feeling! It is doable. If you don't understand the concepts in this book you are twisting the wrong knobs on your woman. You are always creating feelings in your woman even when you are doing nothing!

First Off, I would definitely recommend this book!

Pdf key the sexual

I always felt I was missing something and struggled to get into the rhythm of using the techniques described in the more conventional seduction type books. This book has changed all of that.

I never seemed to see the connection with certain routines I've read about in NLP. The real glory also stems from the fact that the book is teaching a concept - there is absolutely no need to learn anything off by heart - although you may if you want - there are many nice paragraphs to study.

I was never into the "learn a line or gambit" idea and could never put myself into the role or frame of my mind to use them effectively. When I talk to women nowadays, I rarely have nothing to say and the simple fact that I feel so passionate about this material completely enthralls them.

Sexual Key: Understanding, Attracting, and Seducing Women with Covert Hypnosis [DOWNLOAD: PDF]

It still baffles me how easy seduction can be. I have completely changed the way I communicate with women and I see results everyday in their face expressions. Just yesterday I was speaking to a girl for less than 5 minutes and she interrupted me with a penetrating stare and said all appreciatively: I have always had very good guy friends and many would probably describe me as their best buddy - but I could never say that I had the same connection with women.

Life changing book. I can only recommend it! This is an great book. As you read the book it is almost like a light turns on in your head, awakening you to a new world of womanze. A new amazing ability to communicat is transformed into a new and useable from of expression, in a way to convay thought to a woman almost like a magical ability.

I hope you guys out there read this book. The only other thing i can say is you would be doing yourself a favor in buying it, reading it and actually going out and applying what it has to offer. Get fast answers from reviewers. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. Need customer service?

Customer reviews

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