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The Year I Met You - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A thoughtful, captivating and ultimately uplifting novel from this. Buy the eBook The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern online from Australia's leading online eBook store. Download eBooks from Booktopia today. Workaholic Jasmine Butler s life was built around two things her career and her beloved sister Heather, but when she gets fired Jasmine is forced on a one year.

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Overview. A thoughtful, captivating and ultimately uplifting novel from this uniquely talented author. Jasmine loves two things: her sister and her work. And when. the year i met you cecilia ahern pdf free download. The Year I Met You Cecilia Ahern Pdf Free Download. Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story. nepmatoti. The Year I Met You book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A thoughtful, captivating and ultimately uplifting novel from t.

Return to Book Page. The topic of my death hadnt been mentioned in passing. I would not only die, but before that I would get a thing called a period every month for the rest of my life that would cause excruciating pain and agony. People are what bother me most in life. Her books keep getting slapped with the chick-lit tag, but they lack the frivolity that accompanies the genre.

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The Marble Collector The life-affirming, gripping and emotional best The House. Especially when two people start out hating each other as much as Jasmine and Matt did. And especially when Jasmine is writing the whole story TO Matt. I mean, I was reading it and with every page I turned I was waiting for something to happen.

Then Monday shows up.

Ahern Cecelia. The Year I Met You

Yes, Monday's his name. He takes her breath away, and I'm a little confused, but I think, of course, a little jealousy, a little rivalry will push Matt to take that step needed for them to get out of the friend zone. Surprisingly, that does not happen. They remain very good, supportive friends, who try to work on their problems and help each other out. And I liked that. I liked that Cecelia toyed with our expectations and changed it up from the overly ordinary, and into something with a little more Ahern in it.

It's a really good story. Nothing extraordinary about it, but that doesn't mean it's not a good read. I enjoyed it.

Pdf the met you year i

View 2 comments. This has been a great read and one of the main themes was change. I found it relatively easy to read, the story starts out slow as it goes with most books. I initially thought it would be a love story, but it turned out to be more than that.

It was the story of how a woman, Jasmine, found courage and the belief to let go her previous self, in order to shine in a whole new way. It was the story of second chances, finding the good in every dirt flung towards us, and believing the beauty in peopl This has been a great read and one of the main themes was change. It was the story of second chances, finding the good in every dirt flung towards us, and believing the beauty in people we thought was horrible.

It was a beautiful story about an unlikely friendship and how we may have more in common with people we thought we'd never get along. This book wasn't exactly breathtaking or unique in any special way. But it was beautiful for it's relatable stories and how these things do happen in every day life.

Hence, it's a recommended read by me. View 1 comment. Me encanto!! No voy a decir nada porque vale la pena leerlo y hacer el camino de Jasmine y Matt sin saber mucho de que se trata.

En fin, a mi este libro me encanto todo, desde los personajes, lo que cuentan y la sorpresa de creer que me iba a encontrar con una simple historia de amor para ser mucho mas que eso, es un libro sobre la vida y todo lo que ella nos pone en el camino. Jul 17, Petra Miocic rated it it was amazing Shelves: U bajkama ste nau http: San snova, mislite? A poslije? Naravno, bez ljubavi ne ide, no ona ovog puta nije cilj, a nije ni sredstvo. View all 4 comments.

I almost forgot what the story is about! Feb 07, Albertina rated it really liked it. Jasmine was full of rage for having lost her job - her job that comprised her life.

What do you do when your life is taken away from you? You spiral down into dark thoughts and you stalk your neighbor who you hate and whose family is threatening to fall apart. You do this in the dark when your neighbor can't see you lurking behind your curtains, witnessing his drunk state and his shoutings. I wasn't delighted by the fact that the neighbor Matt Marshall was referred to as "You" in the book, at first it was confusing at times but after a couple of chapters I got used to it and it ceased to bother me.

But the story was boring. Nothing happened, Jasmine would only sit at home pitying herself and stalking Matt - what's the fun in that? She pondered her life and everything that had led her to become this closed off woman that sought affection in her work.

She didn't know anyone living on her street or had even cared up until now, when she was forced to interact with them. And it was somewhere along Jasmine's dayly train of thoughts that I began to realize that I could connect to what she was feeling despite being 13 years younger than her , and from then on the story transformed from boring to entrancing. I would laugh at her thoughts as they each day went from being utterly dark to something lighter and Jasmine found light in her life.

She suddenly became friends with her neighbors, including "You" who helped her so much, at the same time that Jasmine helped him and she even met someone. I'm aware of this review not making sense, but that's because the book didn't even when I read it.

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It was so much like real life that it felt like I was reading about an actual person who was sharing her life story with me. And that's what I love about Ahern's books; they make it seem so real. It explored life and how to find one's way back from the relentless darkness that feels impossible to extricate from at times.

Not too bad actually and not entirely predictable either. Plus somehow it all feels appropriate for my state of mind these days. In order to fly one must first clear the shit off one's wings. Proper review to follow.

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La historia de Jasmine es totalmente inspiradora. Lo que es gracioso porque ella lo detesta desde antes de que fuera su vecino. Cecelia Ahern ist wirklich eine meiner absoluten Lieblingsautoren bei der ich jedes Buch kaufe ohne wirklich die Beschreibung zu lesen. Im Allgemeinen fand ich die Story wirklich richtig gut und auch die Art und Weise wie Cecelia Ahern sie geschrieben hat. Allerdings konnte ich mich mit den Charakteren garnicht anfreunden. Alles in Allem, es war okay.

Es hat mir nicht wirklich Freude bereitet aber es hat mich doch stellenweise gut unterhalten. Cecelia Ahern is one of my favorite authors, I usually buy her books without reading the summary of what it's about.

I just love her books, except this one. It's been a while since I was so happy to be done with a book, just because I couldn't take it anymore. Maybe it's because I listend to it and the lovely lady that read it, didn't do anything for me. Especially in the annoying moments, her voice was just too much for me.

Cecelia Ahern

Overall I really liked the story and the way that Cecelia Ahern wrote it. But the characters. I just couldn't deal with them. The book is told from Jasmine's POV and she just was too much for me and most of her decisions made me shake my head.

Then we had Matt, her neighbour from across the street. I just didn't like him that much, even though I have to admit that he probably had the most growth through the story. And then we have Heather, Jasmine's older sister. She is the character that I liked the most. She was just wonderful and I would have loved to read more about her. That brings us to the relationships in this book, I loved the relationship between the two sisters and it was one of the greatest things about this book. Jasmine was a bit over the top sometimes but their relationship was just the most important one.

I also liked the way things changed for Jasmine and Matt and how they build a friendship I'm glad that nothing more happened there. I'm still not very sure about Jasmine and Monday as a couple, even though I really liked him from the moment he showed up. All in all, it was okay. It didn't really bring me any joy but from time to time, it was really entertaining. I think Ahern is pretty underrated. Her books keep getting slapped with the chick-lit tag, but they lack the frivolity that accompanies the genre.

On the contrary, they're insightful and go quite deep into the human condition.

The Year I Met You

But they seem real. Real people, living next doo I think Ahern is pretty underrated. Real people, living next door. People that become more mindful about their existence, that go through changes and become better, wiser by the end. Her books make me look around me and think "Why don't I have people like Cecelia Ahern in my life?

I would just love to pick her brain over a cup of coffee. Die Wahl fiel dabei auf "Das Jahr, in dem ich dich traf", das bereits viel zu lange ungelesen im Regal stand. Auch die Figuren sind gelungen. Jasmine wird aus ihrem Job entlassen und darf ein Jahr lang keine andere Stelle annehmen.

Dabei begegnet sie auch immer ihren Nachbarn Matt, der ebenfalls seinen Job verloren hat und den sie zutiefst verachtet. Auch andere Figuren wie ihr Cousin Kevin oder auch Scott sind gut ausgearbeitet, sodass man sie ausreichend kennen lernt. Dabei macht Jasmine eine sehr gute Entwicklung durch und ich bin dankbar, dass ich sie auf ihrem Weg begleiten durfte.

Die Kurzbeschreibung ist dagegen ein wenig schwammig, denn das Buch bietet so viel mehr als nur den Handlungsstrang, der hier thematisiert wird. Kurz gesagt: I have always been a fan of Cecilia Ahern and I look forward to every new book that she writes, so, like others, I grabbed The Year I Met You as soon as it was released. The story follows Jasmine, a successful business woman, as she goes through a year of gardening leave from work.

Her life is thrown into turmoil; she simply does not know how to function without her work. As she now has plenty of spare time on her hands, she starts to take more notice in her surroundings, the people she interacts I have always been a fan of Cecilia Ahern and I look forward to every new book that she writes, so, like others, I grabbed The Year I Met You as soon as it was released.

As she now has plenty of spare time on her hands, she starts to take more notice in her surroundings, the people she interacts with and how she interacts with them. I struggled to like Jasmine, as I found her quite frustrating and quite self-centred. The other main character Matt, I found more likeable.

He initially comes across as an ignorant, rude drunk but you come to realise that this is not the case and I found it interesting to watch the relationship between Jasmine and Matt build.

Another sub-plot revolves around Dr J, their elderly and lonely neighbour. I felt that this situation was treated with respect and well written in the usual Ahern style. We never really found out much about him and he seemed to fit into the storyline a bit too well, his character felt like a bit of a copout.

Overall, this is not the standard that I am used to with Ahern and I was left disappointed with the book. This book was an examination of the process of change in people and their lives and how they overcome that change. Jasmine take to her garden during her gardening leave and the book chapters are split into the 4 seasons, so I guess the book was a metaphor for life being synonymous with a garden but it really lacked a basic storyline.

Absolutely moving and beautiful. Since then I have read pretty much every book she has wrote and loved all of them. I was so excited for new stuff from Cecelia and I am absolutely devastated that I just couldn't get into this book. I first started this book 2 years ago, when it was first released and I got around half way through, and I struggled through the first half.

I decided that I just wasn't in the mood for the book and decided to try it at another point. I have now tried this book 3 different times and I just can't get through it.

I am totally heartbroken about this as I have loved Cecelia's books so much. Jasmine, our lead character just didn't grab me. I didn't really like any of the main characters and it's really hard for me to get into a book when I don't like, or care, about the characters. Their stories bored me and I just couldn't force myself to keep reading. This book to me, just seemed to lack the magic and beauty that Cecelia's previous books had. I will definitely still be reading Cecelia's other books as I am convinced that this is just a one-off for me.

I've loved all of her earlier books, and her new YA novel Flawed was amazing. The Year I Met You just wasn't for me and as much as I am devastated that I didn't like it I am looking forward to reading more of Cecelia's newer books.

I have faith that the others will be better. Jan 28, Barsha Shrestha rated it liked it. When starting this book, I was a bit skeptical. I read some reviews and it was a mixed one. As I Started reading, I found it easy, not that much of character to get confused on. The title of the book, makes people think that this book falls in Romantic Genre but that's absolutely wrong judgement. As I read I wanted to find what is the main plot and storyline of the book.

Then after reading a few chapter, I was feeling bored because it was like watching a typical Hollywood movie. Being said this, When starting this book, I was a bit skeptical. Being said this, the writer had done justice to the character in the end. And also she is now one of my favourite writer lists. Her writing is simple and engaging. I literally can picture words in my mind like a movie. After 15 and 16 chapters, I didn't want this book to finish.

Because as people thought this book was a romantic one but it is not. Writer has shown a beautiful relationship between two sisters, best friend, colleague, and a messed up neighbour who becomes one of kind friend.

And lots of gardening information also. As this book certainly describe the quote: Never Judge a Book by its Cover. I happened to read this book while out of job. So i can totally relate with Jasmine when her life changed. Its like, Im sulking because of being unemployed, but looking at Jasmine's point of view, hers were deeper. Its not an ordinary kind of romance novel but it helped me.

Thank you, Cecilia.

Pdf you year i the met

Feb 20, Akshay rated it it was amazing Shelves: Insightful Cecelia's books Tells A story like magic. Her Story telling is Brilliant. This was different from other books of hers as it wasn't about two people falling in love. But 2 people having rough time together, they get acquainted, help each other. It's a wonderful story. I dnt have the words to describe much. Nov 24, Becca rated it really liked it Shelves: A really good book but I hoped for a different ending. No me puedo creer que una novela de Cecelia Ahern no me haya gustado.

Feb 09, Marjolein rated it liked it Shelves: Actual rating: With the book itself. And a little bit with Cecilia for giving us such a wonderful gift. My sister actually owns all of Cecilia's books, so when I finished a pretty heavy and violent sci-fi book last week, I decided to read something with a lighter tone.

You the year i pdf met

I still had a Jenny Colgan book in bookcase as well. Should've gone with that one, 'The Y Actual rating: I realized that my hour and someone else's hour are not equal. We cannot spend it the same way; we cannot think of it in the same way. It was actually really good. It was good. The story starts of with main character Jasmine remembering a conversation she had with her cousin Kevin at the funeral of her granddad Adalbert Mary.

Cousin Kevin told her she was going to die. Even though Jasmine was only 5 years old, this changed her life forever. The realisation that she was going to die at some point, started dictating the way she lived her life. She's always been very busy. Busy with work - starting up businesses and then selling them to the highest bidder. Busy with her big sister, Heather, who has Down Syndrome. Heather doesn't actually need Jasmine's help, she's pretty independent and actually knows where she wants to go in life, what she wants to do.

Unlike Jasmine. The business she started with her friend Larry, The Idea Factory, was a great success. But Jasmine wanted to do what she always does: Larry didn't want to sell it. He wanted to keep it and continue to work on it.

And to make sure Jasmine wouldn't star working for a rival, he put her on a year of gardening leave. So, she'd be still on the payroll, except she wouldn't be working at the Idea Factory anymore. Jasmine doesn't have a choice but to stay at home and sort herself and her life out. Even though she wants to get back in the working field as soon as possible; she can't. Not until her gardening leave is up.

So she's stuck at home for a year. The first few weeks it's ok, but then she starts to get bored. And she starts to get annoyed by the 'you' of the story: He's loud and obnoxious. He comes home late, druk, blaring the same song every night.

He's rude to his wife and argues with her a lot. But that's not the main reason Jasmine dislikes him. He's a DJ with his own show and he's decided to give a voice to some people who's opinion Jasmine would rather not hear.

But then his NYE show goes to far and he's home as well. Same as Jasmine herself. Matt is forced to face the facts.